International Cooperation and Strategic Partnerships

Our Mission: cooperation, international affairs and joint appointments

In addition to DESY’s scientific expertise and excellent research infrastructures scientific cooperation and partnership activities at the regional, national and international levels are essential quality features of DESY to support the strategic objectives of our laboratory.

An intensive form of close cooperation between DESY and universities are joint appointments of leading scientists / professors. DESY acts here as a highly attractive and reliable partner for the universities with currently 19 jointly appointed professors (W2 / W3).

On behalf of the DESY directorate the KIB Office (KIB – Kooperationen, Internationales, Berufungen / cooperation, international affairs and appointments) is in charge of coordinating and managing relevant cooperation activities of DESY with its partner institutions and organizations. With its tasks KIB helps to strengthen the international profile of DESY. It supports strategic partnership programs and explores new cooperation opportunities on regional, national and international levels. In addition, KIB coordinates joint appointment processes of leading scientists/professors with universities.